CLEVER Photo + Instagram Feed + Website

clever baking co. is a bakery based in austin, texas that's doing things different. when most bakeries bake in their own kitchens and then deliver to their clients (mostly coffee shops and cafés), clever sets their clients up with ovens and freezers so their pastries can be baked fresh each day in the shops where people buy and enjoy them. clever knew it's important to have an Instagram profile but, since they don't sell or market to the end user, felt like posting all the time didn't really make sense for their business. so we worked together, building on their already strong brand (done by laxalt & mciver), to create an Instagram profile that feels complete (versus accounts we've all seen that appear to be abandoned and make it hard to tell if the company in still in biz or not). we also created a new website for them using much of the imagery that was shot for their instagram. check out the work below!

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