photography for individuals and families

lifestyle portraits

these shoots are short, simple, and easy going. we'll go hang out and shoot photos for up to an hour at a location of your choice (or i can choose one for you if you'd like). i typically do these kinds of shoots outside around sunrise or sunset because that's when lighting conditions are the best. during the shoot we'll hang out and have relaxed conversation as i shoot. if you're a couple or a family then i'll ask you to interact with each other and to just be a natural family together. i find some of the best photos come from the candid shots i get when people are just in the moment being themselves.

this option is great for:

  • families
  • graduates
  • engagements
  • couples
  • athletes


studio photos

i'll bring my mobile studio setup to you so we can shoot you and/or your family/friends from the comfort of your own home. gear setup includes studio lighting and a seamless paper backdrop. setup takes about half an hour, we'll shoot for half an hour to an hour, then it'll take about fifteen minutes for me to pack everything up, and then i'll be out of your hair (and your home).



my years of experience shooting weddings has equipped me with the knowledge to be sure i capture all the important moments of your big day. before your wedding, i want to sit down and have coffee/dinner with you to get to know you a little bit to make sure we will be a good fit for each other and to have a better understanding of how to tell your wedding story through my photography. all photos are delivered in digital format via download link.

up to 4 hours: $1800
5-8 hours: $3400
9-12 hours: $4700


i love people watching. photographing events is like the ultimate people watching experience. the bonus is i get to capture everyone's raw emotions in the moment so you have them forever. it doesn't really matter what you're hosting, i'm down to come people watch and capture the essence of the event. i'll typically spend the majority of the time roaming around shooting candid photos and trying to blend in so people forget i'm there (that way people are more natural). when i'm not doing this, i'll be asking people to pose for group photos.

this option is great for:

  • parties
  • baby showers
  • family reunions

up to 4 hours: $800
5-8 hours: $1500
9-12 hours: $2100


don't see what you're looking for? have no fear! head over to the contact page, fill out the form, and i'll be in touch with you regarding a custom quote as soon as i'm able.