016 - agency to freelance mindset shift

when freelancing, it's important to understand your role in projects and what's expected of you. this will likely vary quite a bit from someone who works at an agency. and with today's ever changing landscape in the digital and creative worlds, there are a lot of people making the transition from agency life to freelance and they need to understand how their mindset must shift in order to be successful.

some questions i like to ask:
-what is the story that's being told?
-what is the problem that's being solved?
-who will see/hear this?
-what is the end goal?
-where will this content be used?
-will there the paid media dollars behind the creative?
-do you have an idea of what you'd like this to look/sound like?
-any examples/references of other stuff you've seen/heard that you like?
-what do you want people to do when they see/hear this?
-have you ever worked with a freelancer before?

Casey Reid