video production for business

basic client testimonial video

with a two camera setup i'll interview your client(s) about their experience working with you, why they chose you over other service providers, why they would recommend others work with you, etc.

gear setup takes about half an hour. once everything is ready to go, i'll place a lavalier microphone on the subject (person we are interviewing) and begin the interview. interviews typically take five to fifteen minutes per person. once the interviews are complete, tear-down takes about fifteen minutes. once the shoot is complete, you'll typically receive the first cut(s) within two weeks. after the first cut(s) have been delivered, you'll have the opportunity for one round of minor revisions.

base cost: $1600 (1 subject) + music licensing
each additional subject: $600
example: 5 subjects = $1600 + ($600 x 4) = $4000 + music licensing

advanced client testimonial video

includes everything from the basic client testimonial video plus i'll shoot supporting footage (in the film/video industry we call this "b-roll") to help better tell your client(s) stories.

depending on the logistics of the shoot(s), choice of location(s), and stories being told, b-roll may be shot at a different date and location.

base cost: $3500 (1 subject) + music licensing
Each additional subject: $1800
Example: 3 subjects = $3500 + ($1800 x 2) = $7100 + music licensing

scripted commercial

whether you are looking to have someone produce the script you've already written, or are looking for help from start to finish, i can help. during the project discovery process (before the price quote, contract, down-payment, any of that) i like to make sure i have a good grasp on what my clients are hoping to accomplish with their commercial, and how they hope to use it (facebook ads, youtube pre-roll, television, etc.). this helps make sure a scripted commercial is the best option and to make sure everyone is on the same page.

because the production times and needs can so widely vary from project to project, each one will require a custom quote.

contact for quote
for non-agencies starting at $5000
for agencies starting at $1800


timelapses show long progressions of time in a short amount of time and are great for:

  • building projects
  • event set-up and tear-down
  • sunrises and sunsets

the cost of production and gear required varies greatly depending on the location, weather conditions, amount of time being captured, access to power, viewing angle, viewing distance, and more. due to the wide range of factors involved in timelapses, each project will require a custom quote.

contact for a quote
starting at $600


vlog are much like blogs except they are in video form. which is why they are called vlogs. vlog = video + blog. the most basic vlog production process would be recording a single take with a single camera angle, colour correcting, adding music/intro/outro, and mixing the audio. due to the varying nature of vlogs, i take time with each client to learn more about them, their business, and their goals for their vlog in order to determine the best way to produce them.

contact for a quote
starting at $200


i am an faa (federal aviation administration) licensed unmanned aircraft (drone) operator. having drone capabilities opens up more story telling possibilities that would otherwise only be achievable by hiring a crew and pilot to go up in an airplane or helicopter. while both of those methods are still used a lot today, drones enable me to get many of the same shots for a fraction of the cost.

prior to scheduling a shoot, i'll need to check the airspace requirements where the shoot would take place. much like driving on roads, there are different airspaces used for different kinds of traffic that must be taken into consideration prior to flight in order to have a safe and legally compliant flight. while some restrictions may prohibit flight in certain areas all together, others may be temporarily lifted by filing for a waiver. waivers may take months to get approved and so it's important to take this into consideration when planning an aerial shoot in a restricted area.

i carry flight insurance during all commercial drone flights. many conditions beyond airspace restrictions come into play when determining if it's safe to fly or not (such as wind/weather, power lines, heavily populated areas, etc.) and i take all these into consideration before scheduling flights and day of before take-off.

contact for a quote
starting at $600

b-roll package

this option is geared more towards agencies and business that

  • have in-house video personnel but don't have the resources to shoot footage themselves
  • don't have the budget to outsource the entire production
  • are looking to build a library of footage to pull from for later use
  • need content for social media and/or motion backgrounds on websites.

once the shoot is complete, all raw footage will be delivered on-site if you have a hard drive available that i can dump the footage on. i can also purchase a new hard drive and deliver the footage that way (this option will incur an additional fee to cover the cost of the hard drive).

all footage is shot and delivered with a flat colour profile that will require colour correction in order to look its best. colour correction is available for an additional fee. 

up to 4 hour shoot: $800
5-8 hour shoot: $1500
delivery via new hard drive: $80+
colour correction: contact for a quote


don't see what you're looking for? have no fear! head over to the contact page, fill out the form, and i'll be in touch with you regarding a custom quote as soon as i'm able.