photography for businesses

pricing includes a two year non-exclusive license for non-paid usage.
custom quotes required for paid usage licenses. paid usage includes but is not limited to facebook and instagram ads.


these are my favourite type of shoots because they are usually the most relaxed and fun but yield some of the most genuine emotions from the models in the photos. i typically shoot lifestyle shoots only using natural light to allow for easy maneuverability and a more relaxed environment. before shooting, i'll chat with you about how you're hoping to use the photos, what's important for people to know about your brand, and any other questions/concerns/thoughts you may have.

up to 4 hours: $1000
5-8 hours: $1700


i typically split product photography into two categories: environmental and studio. environment product photos are similar to lifestyle photos in that they are typically shot using only natural light but differ in that they are focused on the product itself versus the product in use. studio shoots are done in a controlled environment giving me full control over lighting and backdrops and are typically done on a seamless back drop. set design is available for an extra cost.

before shooting, we will discuss what products you need shot, what your expectations are for the images, and how you plan to use them so i can make sure i get you the shots you need.

up to 4 hours - $1000
5-8 hours - $1700

up to 4 hours: starting at $1400
5-8 hours: starting at $2100


these kinds of photos are typically used for websites and business cards. i'll bring my mobile studio setup to you so we can shoot your entire team without having to disrupt the work day too much. gear setup includes studio lighting and a seamless paper backdrop. editing includes retouching of each photo to remove minor blemishes.

base/first person: $800
each additional person: $100
example: 5 people = $800 + ($100 x 4) = $100


i love people watching. photographing events is like the ultimate people watching experience. the bonus is i get to capture everyone's raw emotions in the moment so you have them forever. it doesn't really matter what you're hosting, i'm down to come people watch and capture the essence of the event. i'll typically spend the majority of the time roaming around shooting candid photos and trying to blend in so people forget i'm there (that way people are more natural). when i'm not doing this, i'll be asking people to pose for group photos.

up to 4 hours: $1000
5-8 hours: $1700
9-12 hours: $2200


i am an faa (federal aviation administration) licensed unmanned aircraft (drone) operator. having drone capabilities opens up more story telling possibilities that would otherwise only be achievable by hiring a crew and pilot to go up in an airplane or helicopter. while both of those methods are still used a lot today, drones enable me to get many of the same shots for a fraction of the cost.

prior to scheduling a shoot, i'll need to check the airspace requirements where the shoot would take place. much like driving on roads, there are different airspaces used for different kinds of traffic that must be taken into consideration prior to flight in order to have a safe and legally compliant flight. while some restrictions may prohibit flight in certain areas all together, others may be temporarily lifted by filing for a waiver. waivers may take months to get approved and so it's important to take this into consideration when planning an aerial shoot in a restricted area.

i carry flight insurance during all commercial drone flights. many conditions beyond airspace restrictions come into play when determining if it's safe to fly or not (such as wind/weather, power lines, heavily populated areas, etc.) and i take all these into consideration before scheduling flights and day of before take-off.

starting at $600


it's my goal to make your building, inside and out, look the best it can. the process is pretty straightforward. i'll come out and shoot photos of your building and edit them so they look pristine. the time of day when we shoot will largely be based upon the location of your building and which direction it faces (for lighting purposes). i also may need to rent gear, such as a scissor lift, in order in the right spots for the best shots. if this needs to happen then the cost of rental will be added to the total cost but all of this will be discussed before any agreements are made.

$600 first room, $300 each additional room

starting at $1500 + any rental gear


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