Selecting People for Your Client Testimonial Video

If you've seen my previous blog posts, then you know the value of client testimonial videos and why you should be deploying them in order to connect with qualified leads and ultimately increase sales.

Today I'm going to teach you how to select the right people to interview for your client testimonial video.

Now there's some prep work you need to do on your end before you start picking which clients to interview. My experience says it's best to focus on solving one or two problems. Take a step back and determine what your ""thing"" is. What problem you're best at solving. Then start picking which clients to interview based on this. For example, while I may have done a bang-up job photographing an event or designing a website for a client, I'm not going to ask them to be in my client testimonial video because my focus is on helping people tell great stories through video.

I know it's hard to focus in on one thing. It's taken me YEARS to do this for myself, and I'd be lying if I told you I don't struggle with it still, because I do. But if you can be diligent and honest with yourself through this process, the end result will be a client testimonial video that speaks directly to other people with the same problems you're already great at solving, while simulatneously deflecting others outside your realm of exerptise.

Short-term this deflection may seem scary and counter-intuitive. But in the long-term, it allows you to focus on doing your best work while leaving the other stuff for people who are better suited to solve those problems.

So, once you've identified what your ""thing"" is, make a list of a handful of clients you've done that ""thing"" for, and (this is a really important part) that you enjoyed working with. Now there's a chance not every client you ask will be willing to be on camera so plan accordingly and don't be discouraged.

Next week I'll go over how to ask your clients to be in your video. In the mean time, your homework is identifying your ""thing"" and making your list of clients to interview.

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