Creating Associations Via Client Testimonial Videos

At the most basic level, brands are just people helping other people solve problems. Client testimonial videos help form associations with potential clients as you being THE solution to their problems. This will undoubtedly lead to you getting better qualified leads and seeing increased sales.

Client testimonial videos should follow this basic format: Client had a problem -> you solved the problem -> you are awesome and trustworthy and capable of solving others' problems.

So how are these associations formed? Imagine someone throws a rock through your window. This is a problem. So you start searching for a solution. You come across Window Repair Company. They have a client testimonial video and the person in the video talks about how they had a broken window, Window Repair Company was able to help them, they had a great experience, etc. An association is formed in your mind that says, ""Hey, they had the same problem I have! Window Repair Company helped solved their problem and I bet they could solve mine too.""

So when someone reaches out to you for help after seeing your client testimonial video, they are already a qualified lead and are more likely to purchase from you because a base level of trust and authority has already been established by a third-party giving you credibility.

A bonus to creating client testimonial vidoes is when your clients give a testimony about you, they are subconsciously reheasring referring you to other people.

I've personally built my business on the back of referrals. Hands down, it is the most valuable marketing channel available today. 

Next week I'll go over how to select people for your own client testimonial video.