Associations Are Vital

People buy from brands they trust, that make them feel good, that benefit them in some way, and, ultimately, solve their problems. At the most basic level, brands are just people helping other people solve problems. So it's important to your business, actually it's VITAL, that people associate you as THE solution to their problems.

So you should be telling stories. Especially of your success. Especially via client testimonial videos. These are one of the best ways to form the associations with potential clients that help push them to purchase. But the truth is, a lot of brands don't know how to do this. And if you're one of those brands, that's a problem. I've been priveledged to help brands solve this problem for years. And so I've put together a few educational blog posts to help you understand how client testimonial videos work, how to select people for your own client testimonial video, how to ask the people you've selected to participate, and how to conduct an interview once they've said yes.

Next week I'll go a little more in depth about how client testimonial videos help form the necessary associations for successful is selling.