Asking for Client Testimonials

Okay. So you've identified what problem you're best at solving and have picked out a handfull of previous clients to interview for your very own client testimonial video. Now, how do you ask those clients to participate?

I've found it's best to be straight-forward and shameless about what you're asking for. If you've helped your clients solve their problems then I'd bet money they will be willing to return the favor and help you out.

One of the best times to ask for the interview is just after finishing a job when the experience working with you is fresh in your client's mind. So long as that experience was positive and you did a great job, they will have plenty of praise for you.

Here are a couple of examples of how I've asked my clients to be in my client testimonial videos. The first was a cold email to a client with the subject "Testimonial Video." It reads:

Hey Jack,
I’m in the process of putting together a promo/testimonial video for my brand. Would there be some time in the next couple of weeks that I could meet with you and get you on camera talking about your experience working with me?

The second request was tacked on to the end of an email regarding a project I'd recently wrapped up. It reads:

Great to hear from you. I do still have it! I can bring it by on a drive for you early next week. I’ve been meaning to put everything we’ve done on a drive for you so you’d have it but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.
Off topic: I’m getting ready to put together a video piece for my business and was wondering if I could come in and have you and/or Zack talk on camera about your experience working with me so I can use it in my video for testimonial stuff?

Both clients agreed. The client testimonial video turned out great. A win for everyone. Check out my client testimonial videos here.

Next week I'll go over how to interview your clients once they've said yes to helping you out. In the meantime, your homework is to reach out to at least 3 previous clients requesting them to be in your client testimonial video.