video for artists

basic music video

we'll find a location to shoot (your choosing or mine) to shoot five to ten takes of you performing a song (original or a cover) either live or to a pre-recorded track. this should only take about 45 minutes to an hour. if we shoot with a pre-recorded track then i'll cut all the different takes we do into one video. if we do a live recording then i'll pick the best take and edit it as a one-take video.

starting at $300

full music video

if you want to produce a proper scripted music video, this is the option to go with. if you already have an idea for the music video then we can work together to make it become a reality. or if you have no idea what you're wanting to do, i can develop a story line and a script for you.

starting at $3000


this option is for the times when you've got a new album coming out, a big show coming up soon, a book signing you're get the idea. being an artist myself helps me understand what your needs are and how to actually help you achieve your goals.

starting at $500


we'll find a location to shoot (your choosing or mine), i'll put a lavalier microphone on you, and then i'll conduct an interview to get to know you a bit. after the interview i'll shoot some supporting footage (in the film/video industry we call this b-roll) to go along with the interview. this entire process of shooting should take about an hour.



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