photography for artists

lifestyle portraits

these shoots are short, simple, and easy going. we'll go hang out and shoot photos for up to half an hour at a location of your choice (or i can choose one for you if you'd like). i typically do these kinds of shoots outside around sunrise or sunset because that's when lighting conditions are the best. during the shoot we'll hang out and have relaxed conversation as i shoot. i find some of the best photos come from the candid shots i get when people are just in the moment being themselves.


show photos

every artists wants (and not-so-secretly needs) photos of their lives shows! i would know because i am a musician (which also means i know what kinds of photos you're looking for). in addition to shooting your show, i'll shoot behind the scenes photos for you before and after your set.

starting at $250


this option is most specifically geared towards actors and actresses. we'll shoot using natural light for ten to twenty minutes, periodically looking through the photos until we get the one that you want to use. then i'll edit and retouch the photo to remove any unnatural blemishes and such.

$100 (includes one retouched photo)
$50 per photo for additional retouching
example: 3 retouched photos = $100 + ($50 x 2) = $200

studio/promo photos

either done in studio with studio lighting, or outside with natural lighting. i'll work together with you to shoot photos that will work for album artwork, show posters, social media, and whatever else. the difference between these and the lifestyle photos is these photos have more a specific use in mind whereas lifestyle photos are more relaxed.

starting at $300


don't see what you're looking for? have no fear! head over to the contact page, fill out the form, and i'll be in touch with you regarding a custom quote as soon as i'm able.