hi, i'm casey reid, a dallas based freelance producer. for the past 15+ years i've been working to learn every aspect of video production, photography, audio engineering, and design. this kind of experience and knowledge enables me to provide quality creative work on par with bigger production houses without the headache and huge overhead that can sometimes be associated with them; allowing for an agility and affordability that you won't find with larger agencies. i'm passionate about telling stories, building lasting relationships, and working with people that are driven and motivated to achieve their goals.


I offer a range of services that all fall under the umbrellas of video production and photography. basically I'm a bit of a chameleon – and I'm very good at what I do. ultimately, I work closely with my clients to figure out what their actual needs are (versus what they may think they need or what another photographer/producer/company may be trying to sell them) and then custom build a project to fit those needs. below are a few examples of things I've been hired for.

  • brand videos

  • testimonial videos

  • social media ad campaigns

  • event coverage

  • headshots

  • lifestyle photography

  • social media content

  • product photography

  • virtual tours

  • aerial photography & video

  • camera operator/editor (by other production companies)

when I ask my clients why they keep coming back to work with me time and time again and what sets me apart from others, the top responses are:

  • transparent communication

  • my ability to grasp their needs

  • consistent delivery of high quality work

  • a relaxed and fun work environment


communication and hitting benchmarks are a must. when you work with me, you can expect clear communication throughout the entire process and you can expect me to hit the benchmarks we set together. however, i'm human just like you and there are times when unavoidable obstacles may arise and make it impossible to hit my benchmarks. in the event this happens, you can rest assured i will communicate transparently and timely to ensure you are informed and part of the process every step of the way. i expect the same from you.


"he is motivated, he is deadline driven, and on every project that we've worked on together, he's come back consistently with high quality videos, sometimes on extremely short deadlines, and they all tell a story really really well." -zack house, highland park presbyterian church



i'm focused on developing relationships that are win/win/win. meaning it's a win for you, for me, and for everyone involved; because if it's not a win for everyone then ultimately it's a lose for everyone. nobody wants to lose.


"what really made casey stand apart was he seemed much more in tune with our needs and we were able to get a great product for what we needed." -jack hooper, take command health


fit & finish

my goal is to learn as much as i can about you and your brand in order to deliver a product that fits with your brand, accomplishes it's purpose, and has a pristine finish like you would expect from a high-quality product. as any experienced consultant should, i ask questions that dive deep during the discovery phase to help determine what the right creative is to help you move the needle in the right direction. this allows us to focus our time, money, and other resources on the things that are actually going to make a difference for you.

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"we gave him a vague piece of an idea where we didn't have any thoughts on what it would actually take to communicate that and he understood it, got on board, and kinda took control of the whole process. he just made the whole process easy and exceeded everything we could've hoped for. we were really really pleased with the end product." -keila dawson, call box